ELO students explore career pathways through experiential, project-based learning outside of the classroom and in the community. Students follow one of three pathways within the program:

Paid Work Experience

Students can complete the program as employees of a local business, earning actual wages while completing curriculum to meet life and career ready standards. Students set learning goals for their experience and work closely with a mentor in their workplace to reflect on and meet those goals.


Student interns work directly with non-profits, municipal services, and local organizations. After completing a minimum of 40 hours on site, students spend an additional 25 hours designing and executing a project to apply what they've learned in a way that meets an authentic need in the community.

Independent Study

Students who are interested in pursuing an independent study work with an expert in their field of interest to design a curriculum that culminates in a project that demonstrates what they've learned. Students spend a minimum of 40 hours working directly with their mentor, and 25 hours independently.

Belfast Area High School recognizes the importance of promoting students' meaningful exploration into the world of work. Through a combination of career experiences, independent studies, and internships, Belfast Area High School's ELO program strives to graduate students who are ready with both the content knowledge, soft skills and confidence to succeed in their post-secondary journey.

For more information about the ELO program at Belfast Area High School, please contact Solomon Heifets by email at sheifets@rsu71.org, or by phone at (207) 213-7932.